Quality & Safety Policies

The Management teams of SMI are committed to fabricate and erect quality products for all of its customers, satisfying in all respects the contractual requirements. We enjoy advancing our technology and take great pride in our achievements. We work hard to be prosperous and to be leaders in our industry.
SMI dedicate substantial human and financial resources to support this program which is an integral part of our daily work activity. An essential component of our company’s’ goal is that we strive to be a good corporate citizen; being respectful not only of our people, customers, suppliers and community, but also of social matters such as safety and environment.
We recognize that to attain this status we must consistently provide quality products and services that are responsive to our customer’s needs as well as a safety environment for our employees. Our Quality Operations Manual and the quality system it embodies reflect our corporation-wide commitment to attending this goal.

SMI Safety Policy And Loss Prevention

SMI's Management and employees at all levels are accountable for providing and maintaining an effective Safety and Loss Prevention Program. SMI's ongoing objective is to provide a safe and healthy workplace for its employees and subcontractors. To achieve this objective, SMI is committed to meeting or exceeding industry standards and complying with all applicable acts and regulations. Our goals are:
   • To prevent injury or illness to workers;
   • To prevent negative impact on the environment;
   • To meet our clients' requirements to ensure a safe workplace; and to ensure we meet, or exceed, the standards set out in the Local Acts, Regulations and Codes.

The Chairman is responsible for ensuring that the leadership and resources necessary to maintain an effective Safety and Loss Prevention Program are in place. Managers and Supervisors must not only promote and demonstrate sound safety practices, but also ensure everyone understands and complies with what is expected of them. SMI's Site and Workshop Supervisors are responsible for fostering a "safe work attitude" in themselves and those they supervise and for ensuring that all work is carried out in accordance with this Safety and Loss Prevention Policy. Our subcontractors (if any) and their workers are responsible for performing all tasks safely and in full compliance with the SMI Safety Management Plan. All employees and workers on the Client's Work Sites must be; made aware of the hazards of the work site, trained as required, corrected or disciplined when necessary, and rewarded for safe performance. Persons who knowingly break the rules will be subject to disciplinary actions. Such action may include the possibility of immediate dismissal from SMI.
It is SMI's philosophy that, 'People are our main resource and their safety is uppermost in our minds at all times.' An effective Safety and Loss Prevention Program, integrated with ongoing operational activities, will result in organization and production excellence. We will be more competitive and our employees will be healthy, productive and justifiably proud of their accomplishments.