Swegypt Mina International is an industry-leading Steel fabricator and manufacturer of quality Drilling system components for the oil and gas industry locally and internationally. We are a main if not the only supplier of Mud systems in the Egyptian market.
Committed to project efficiency, crew safety and quality products our professional team at SMI delivers customized drilling components according to our clients specific needs.
One of our main specializations is complete Mudsystems Fabrication, Our mud system components include Suction Tanks, Reserve Tanks, Shale Shaker Tanks, Intermediate Tanks, Trip Tanks, Mud hopper houses and Sack / Mud storage houses. We mount and install all types of equipment (Ex. centrifugal pumps). We are able to fabricate and install pipe spools based on equipment locations, we are a custom fabricator that fabricates all steel components for all varieties of drilling rigs.
Proud of our fabrication experience, SMI’s engineering expertise include the building of Different capacities and shapes of mud systems, we’re committed to supplying innovative, superior-quality drilling components and solids management solutions, and we’re known for our quality, product performance and affordable pricing. SMI have been building hundreds of mud systems over the last several years. Our qualified professionals pride themselves for making SMI an industry leader that consistently exceeds customer expectations and helps meet the strategic business needs of our Clients.
At SMI, we recognize that quality control is a key part of the drilling process. That’s why we specialize in state of the art mud systems and why major drillers and oil & gas producers rely on us for the fabrication and manufacturing of their custom mud tank systems and more.
With over One Decade of manufacturing experience, SMI team members are dedicated to your company’s operating success. Our mud systems are carefully tested for quality and efficiency, so you receive products that are cost-effective, reliable and manufactured to your exact specifications.